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Children Birthday Party

birthday party organizer Bangkok

Children Birthday Party

Many parents wonder how to celebrate their children birthday party in Bangkok. With its tourist places and cultural activities, the potential to make this event an unforgettable experience is immense. Bangkok Kids Birthday is the event planning company you should use.

Children will make the world of tomorrow; their awakening and curiosity is insatiable and deserves to be nurtured to make them into fulfilled adults. Bangkok Kids Birthday takes the bet to make your kid birthday party a magical moment.

What to do in Bangkok for my children birthday party?

There are many things to do in Bangkok for your children birthday party: creative, full of energy, sporty or curious, your child will find the activity that suits him or her to celebrate one more year with their friends with Bangkok Kids Birthday. In addition to a great climate, the city of Bangkok is full of spots and animation that will make your child live an unforgettable experience.

So, when you ask the question What to do in Bangkok for my children birthday party? The answer is very simple: Bangkok Kids Birthday.

Children birthday party

Where to do my children birthday party?

In addition to the activity, you are certainly wondering about the location for your children birthday party. Don’t panic, Bangkok Kids Birthday has the answer to everything! In the middle of nature, in a lake, on a boat or in your living room, everything can be envisaged to reproduce your child’s dream setting.

Indeed, Bangkok Kids Birthday offers secret garden parties with a theme (animals, foosball table ) in private rooms or birthday boats for lovers of fishing and sunbathing. If your home allows it, homestay is possible; otherwise you can opt for a private pool villa to spend relax time with kids and offer them a wonderful kid birthday party.

Best outdoor venues for kids birthday party

Children birthday party ideas

“The Show must go on”: If you don’t know this saying, then take a throw an eye to Bangkok Kids Birthday. Hundreds of ideas for your children birthday party abound music bands for the music lovers, clowns for the comical ones or mentalists for the curious ones: Nothing is more beautiful than your child’s pleasure.

Costumes, bouncy castles, slides, and limousines can even be hired. Don’t worry, the watchword of our activity is safety: The teams of animators and event planners at Bangkok Kids Birthday are full of tailor-made ideas to make your children birthday party a memorable moment.

Art activity kid birthday Bangkok

Children birthday party games

Does your offspring like adventure? Make a treasure hunt for your children birthday party: At Bangkok Kids Birthday, we organize treasure hunts suitable for children and teenagers all over the city. The latter can be organized according to your requests, integrating specific challenges.

If he is not too excited about the adventure, consider the Virtual reality (VR), which is ideal for video game enthusiasts. Build a virtual world for your children birthday party: Bangkok Kids Birthday and its state-of-the-art VR equipment will make his day unforgettable. Expect him to claim one for his next birthday.

archery for kids party

Best Children birthday party Bangkok

With a multicultural team of event planners and animators, Bangkok Kids Birthday wants to offer originality, fun, discovery, innovation, exchange and safety to parents who call upon them for their kid birthday party. Bangkok Kids Birthday, synonymous with more than 20 years of experience in the field, will tell you what to do in Bangkok to celebrate your child’s birthday.

archery for kids party

Thanks to a wide range of innovative and fun activities, as well as a variety of facilities and unique ideas to make your children birthday party an exceptional event, Bangkok Kids Birthday has been the leading birthday party organiser in Bangkok for more than 20 years.

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Welcome, all to the kid’s birthday party. We are here to celebrate a number of events. Our magic classes focus on kids and parents both. Magic classes consist of some group activities with kids and parents. Each year we organize parties to celebrate the special days. Birthdays are always special to everyone. A birthday party needs some special celebrations so that it will always become memorable in life. We understand different parameters and keep different aspects in mind while celebrating the birthdays of kids, like hobbies, interests, etc. 

Learn magic tricks from a professional magician

Firstly, our professional magicians are wonderful and creative in nature. Their magic is very popular in Thailand and others are also very important to those who will be attending. Their interests will also be taken care of. We will focus on a magic theme celebration because theme celebrations are very popular nowadays. Themes for celebration emphasize that focusing should be a person’s goal to feel at home. Our professional magician will give you insights about magic and how magic is performed.

Magic classes for children's birthday parties

Secondly, our magic classes will be cherished by the kids. Numbers will be involved, which will somehow influence the numbers and tables that are important for kids. By focusing on numbers, I am sure kids will also like it. Like missing numbers, fill-in-the-blank numbers are a few of them that will be in the magic classes for kids. A few surprise gifts will also be given to those kids who will actively participate in magic games.

Magician training for both children and adults

Thirdly, our magician will also focus on training kids and adults alike. Our training will be loved by both of them. For kids, I think it will be new, but for adults, I am sure they will somehow miss or start remembering their own teen life and past school days. Our magic courses will take place in the heart of Bangkok and Pattaya, respectively. Where we will focus on tourists. The majority of tourist attractions are in these places. Tourists will also learn the tricks of magic and enjoy the moments. The main attraction of magic classes is that they mentally involve individuals, and they will feel that the mental approach is also very important for magic tricks. In an overarching view, our magic classes are the best in Bangkok. Our magic class group activity will be diverse and will focus on how individuals will learn new things. It’s more of a mental approach than anything else. I am sure that after attending magic classes, attendees will appreciate the methods we use to teach and will feel relaxed from the daily routine of a busy life.

International school magic trick classes

Moreover, our magic trick classes are also held at various international schools in Thailand. Students participate in the magic classes from various international schools. School committee members also love the magic classes, as they consider magic trick classes as extra-curricular activities and encourage students to participate. Students learn many things apart from academic study. Group activities are given a lot of attention in magic classes because they are very important these days. These will help mature and develop team spirit to perform a particular task in the future.

Everyone can benefit from magic and magician lessons

In addition, our magic lessons and magician lessons are for everyone. For those who want to learn magic lessons, this will be the right platform to do so. With our busy daily routine lives, we encourage everyone to participate in the magic classes so that by learning magic lessons and magic tricks, they will feel cherished and happy. There should be a reason why individuals should feel happy, and magic classes are one of the remedies for this. Finally, our goal for the magic classes is to benefit the entire family. It will manifest in kids, teenagers, as well as adults too. For some, it will be novel, while for others, it will be reminiscent of a childhood fantasy. I am sure magic classes will be an overall fun experience, which will make you feel happy

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Best birthday party activities


Best birthday party activities

First of all, the best birthday party activities need to allow your child to accompany these friends to have fun throughout his birthday. Thus, it invites you to involve your child in a multitude of activities. Whether it’s a sporting activity, an educational activity or an artistic activity. It depends entirely on what your child would like to do on their birthday.

Birthday sport contests

So what are you expecting from the best birthday party activities?

To start with, the activity need to offers a multitude of sports activities for your child’s birthday. That is to say that it can organize tournaments of sneakers, football, badminton… The animators will be the referees and need to be able to animate all the activities. Of course, our team have a lot of experiences! And the children who have won the most victories will be entitled to cups and medals. And then we provide the colored jerseys so that your child can recognize his team.

Best birthday party activities

Birthday games

To continue, the best birthday party activities need to organize a multitude of mini-games to vary the activities. Thus, your child could participate in the game of the bowl, the prison ball, the volleyball… Then, it will often be team games composed of 2 or more players. So, our team for the best birthday party activities will organize all the activities and will be there for you all day if you need help.

Birthday sport contests

Birthday activities

Then, the best birthday party activities need to organize the best possible birthdays! Thus, the team need to has already a lot of experience in the field of animation. And then, the activity need to offers you the possibility to create a decoration in the theme you have chosen. So, our team can decorate the room with balloon, bubble machine, cotton candy machine… Thus, we wish to bring you a multitude of choices for your child to have great memories!

Birthday games

Kid birthday cooking classes

Then, the best birthday party activities need to allow your child and these friends to participate in cooking classes accompanied by a chef! Thus, they will be able to learn how to cook while having fun. And at the end of the course, they will be able to eat the dishes they have cooked. So, this is a good method for teaching children how to cook! And then, parents can also learn new recipes to make at home. So, our team do the kid birthday cooking classes with a very good chef!

Kid birthday cooking classes

Birthday RC car contests

To continue, the best birthday party activities need to offers you the possibility of having your child drive remote-controlled cars. First of all, children will have training to learn how to use the remote control gamepad. Then, they will be able to participate in a multitude of activities with the cars such as carrying an object on the car without dropping it. And our team have the best RC car contest for this activity. Know that this activity can be done anywhere as long as there is place to set up the circuit!

Birthday RC car contests

Birthday treasure hunts

Then the team need to organize a treasure hunt for you and your child. Thus, our best birthday party activities create a huge treasure hunt in a place given by the animators. Our team will be the referees to assist in the smooth running of the day.

Birthday virtual reality

Finally, the best birthday party activities need to allow you to discover a new way to play video games. And, the virtual reality headset and the controllers need to be not connected to a wire, which will allow you to make greater movement. So, we have in our possession virtual reality headsets which are of very good quality. But also, we offer a multitude of games for all types of ages.

Best birthday party activities in Bangkok

In conclusion, our team will organize the best activities and the best entertainment for your child’s birthday. So, our best birthday party activities are waiting for you to offer your child and these friends great memories!

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Birthday party inflatable rentals


Birthday party inflatable rentals

Are you looking for the best birthday party inflatable rentals in Bangkok? First of all, you need to be sure of the quality of the inflatable games. Then, you need to find the rental prices that suit your budget. So you want to give your child the best birthday day? Our team will be happy to welcome you for a whole day!

Birthday party bouncy house rental

What do you expect from the birthday party inflatable rentals?

To begin with, this activity should offer you a wide range of inflatable houses. So, you could choose between different shapes and sizes of inflatable houses. Please know that we offer superb quality inflatable housesInflatable Rental and of course, which are tested and approved by children of all ages. Thus, we wish your child has great memories of his birthday day surrounded by these friends!

Birthday party inflatable rentals

Birthday party bouncy castle rental

Then, the birthday party inflatable rentals could allow you to offer the possibility to your child to have fun in inflatable castles. This activity should allow you to be able to install the inflatable games anywhere. Whether in Bangkok in a room or outside, for example in a park. But also, if you want to install the bouncy castle at home, it’s possible! You just need to have the necessary space. Thus, our birthday party inflatable rentals offer you the opportunity to choose what suits you the most!

Birthday party bouncy house rental

Birthday party giant ball pool rental

Then if you are looking for games to do to entertain your child on their birthday, you are in the right place! Thus, the birthday party inflatable rentals should allow you to rent a giant inflatable ball. This will allow children to have fun in the water without hurting themselves. So, we offer this service and our team will be on site to liven up your day and allow you to take care of nothing!

Birthday party bouncy castle rental

Birthday party trampoline rental

First of all, the birthday party inflatable rentals should invite your child to go trampoline with these friends. This will allow him to have great memories but also to learn new figures by jumping! Thus, we offer you a wide choice of inflatable slides with lots of different sizes. This will allow you to choose the slide that is best for your child.

Birthday party water slide rental

Birthday party rodeo bull rental

Then if you are looking for a fun activity for your child, the rodeo bull rental is for you! The object of the game is to hold onto the bull the longest by holding on by a handle. If a child falls, he will not hurt himself because his fall will be slowed down by the inflatable buoy that surrounds the bull. So our birthday party inflatable rentals challenge you to hold on to the bull the longest! And the winner will be entitled to a medal.

Birthday party giant ball pool rental

Birthday party sumo wrestling rental

Finally, the birthday party inflatable rentals could offer you to rent inflatable sumo costumes. This will allow children to have fun wrestling. The object of the game is to push the opponent out of the red line. Know that we offer you to do this activity with the best quality of inflatable sumo. Our animators will do the refereeing and the animation so like that your child will have a great day!

Best Birthday party inflatable rentals in Bangkok

So what are you waiting for to join us and do a multitude of activities for your child’s birthday! Thus, our birthday party inflatable rentals will respect your expectations and take care of the whole organization.

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Best birthday party decorations


Best birthday party decorations

To begin with, the best birthday party decorations need to allow your child to be amazed by the atmosphere of his birthday. Everything he could dream is possible! The activity need to offer you the possibility of having a multitude of choices concerning the decoration of the room. And of course, our team allows you to realize all your expectations by offering the best birthday day to your child.

Birthday party venues

So what do you expect from the best birthday party decorations?

This activity need to take place in any space. She just need to have the necessary place for the birthday according to the number of guests. That is to say that our birthday party venues can take place in Bangkok, for example in a park or even on a boat. And if you want to do it at home, it’s also possible!

Birthday party thematic decorations

Birthday party thematic decorations

To continue, the best birthday party decorations need to focuses on your expectations to achieve them. And give your child the best possible birthday day. Thus, we offer you a multitude of decorations for all ages. So you can choose the theme that best suits your child to make him happy!

Birthday party backdrop rentals

Birthday party backdrop rentals

Then, if you do not have the necessary for your decoration or then you have specific requests. Our best birthday party decorations are here for you! Thus, we offer you the possibility of renting the decoration according to the budget you wish to invest.

Best birthday party decorations

Birthday party balloons rentals

Then, the best birthday party decorations need to allow you to realize all the ideas you have in mind! So, she need to propose you to rent balloons to decorate your child’s birthday. Of course, our team can entirely design the balloon shape you want and we can even make animals, cars …

Birthday party venues

Birthday party mascot rentals

To continue, the best birthday party decorations need to gives you the opportunity to make your child dream by bringing back his favorite character. Know that our team have all the costumes to make all the heroes of your child. Thus, our mascots will be at your disposal all day.

Birthday party mascot rentals

Birthday party kids tables and chairs

Then this activity need to offer you the possibility of renting tables and chairs to host a reception. Thus, our best birthday party decorations allow you to take care of nothing and let our team do it all. So you can even have a picnic in a park without sitting on the floor.

Birthday party bean bag rentals

Note that you can also rent beans to do activities or hide them in cakes. So, our best birthday party decorations would like to give your child the day of these dreams!

Birthday party tent rentals

To continue, the best birthday party decorations need to offers you the possibility of renting tents. Of course, we have plenty of tents to suit your budget. Thus, you could allow your child to go camping without having to rent a mobile home! And we also have a lot of tents colors so like that you have the choice.

Birthday party bubble machine rentals

If you want to amaze your child with a multitude of bubbles, you have come to the right place! Our best birthday party decorations allow you to rent a bubble maker that will entertain children of all ages.

Birthday party snow machine rentals

And if you prefer snow then that’s also possible. The snow need to be of very good quality and not dangerous for children. Thus, our best birthday party decorations will amaze your child thanks to our machine that makes snow.

Best birthday party decorations in Bangkok

Finally, our best birthday party decorations will be happy to welcome you and your child to create great memories with these friends on their birthday!

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Birthday venues in Bangkok

birthday party organizer Bangkok

Best birthday venues in Bangkok

Planning your or your kid birthday party in Bangkok and looking for the best and most original venues for birthday parties in Bangkok? We got you covered with a multitude of outdoor, indoor, nature, adventure, sport, lake, boat, and fun birthday venues in Bangkok. Moreover, we have our own birthday venue designed especially for kids birthday parties in Bangkok: Bangkok secret garden.

Outdoor birthday venues

We offer a large range of outdoor venues options for your kid birthday party in Bangkok.

Lake birthday venues

Spend your birthday at one of our lake park venues, where numerous fun and engaging birthday activities can be conducted. Test your skills in wakeboard, waterskiing, banana boat, kneeboards, standing paddle and numerous other activities and facilities available on site. With food and drink birthday catering services, proper facilities, shelter options in case of rain and our fun animation team, be sure to spend a fun day at the fresh air in our lake birthday venues.

lake for kids birthday party Bangkok

Park birthday venues

One of the best options if you are looking for big space to conduct fun birthday activities such as our popular ‘’Mini Olympic games’’, the park birthday venues might be the best option for you. These parks are one of the cheapest birthday venues in Bangkok, and we got authorization and licenses to operate our birthday games and activities in the best parks in Bangkok, including our favorite one ‘’Bang Krao Chao’’ which is a botanic garden, located in the Chaopraya loop called ‘’the green lungs of Bangkok’’. Reconcile with the nature and play large scale birthday’s games and activities in one of our park birthday venue in Bangkok.

park for kids birthday party Thailand

Top tree challenge birthday venue

If you are looking for a natural venue for your kid’s birthday party, we can also suggest the zip line location, about 1h30 from Bangkok. However, this venue is quite pricy and do not offer much animation and birthday attraction besides their classic zip line challenges and activities.

zipline for kids activity Thailand

Indoor birthday venues

Hotel conference room

If you are planning a birthday and prefer an indoor venue because of risk of rain or for logistics reasons, we got you covered with our indoor birthday venues in Bangkok center. These indoor venues are especially relevant when you are panning a kid birthday party with the kids AND their parents, as parents can enjoy our food buffet and catering services during the kids are kept entertained with our fun and engaging birthday games and activities.

kid birthday party backdrop

Sport center birthday venues

If you are planning a sport contest of large-scale games for your kid birthday party, our sport center venue might be the best option. Our sport venues offer amazing spaces and facilities, some with air-cond, some without. This location is ideal for people looking for indoor birthday venues with huge space for their kid birthday parties in Bangkok. 

other sport contents

Best birthday venues in Bangkok

Bangkok Secret garden

Your favorite birthday planner is offering a multitude of fun venues, including our own birthday venue: ‘’Bangkok Secret Garden’’. We arrange our villa for birthday celebrations, offering one stop service on site for food and drinks catering, birthday games and activities organization and animation, and much more. Our birthday venue is equipped with proper facilities, and activities such as petanque field, space to play birthday games, foosball tables, Jaccuzzi, virtual reality and video game room!

Play foosball table in Bangkok

Birthday party at your home

Based on our experience, when you have the chance to have a big space at home, with a garden or a compound park, this is usually the option retained as it is the easiest way for your to gather your little guests and keep the party inhouse. Based on your space and layout, we can arrange a multitude of birthday games and activities, such as our famous treasure hunt or customized scavenger hunts, our carnival games rentals, our artistic workshops, our amazing kid birthday shows, or we can take care of all the birthday decorations.

birthday party at your home

pool villa birthday venues

Another option which is great if you are looking for the perfect venue for kid and parents’ birthdays. Our private pool villas are party friendly, equipped with pool for kids to play with water slides and water games, and parents can chill near the pol of inside the villa with air-cond, sipping cocktails while kids are enjoying their birthday activities organized by your favorite birthday planner in Bangkok.

birthday party organizer Bangkok

Contact us now to discuss your birthday venues requirements and make your ideas come to life!