Birthday games

Birthday games

Contact us for customized and original birthday games, contests and tournament or search your perfect birthday games below:

Birthday games

Are you looking for Original, customized, and fun games for your kid birthday party in Bangkok? Our event planning team will be happy to advise the most suitable games for birthday parties, based on your requirements and intention. Our kids’ games for birthday party are engaging, fun and will make the glory of your kid celebration. Contact us now to organize some cool games for your birthday party!

mini Olympics for kids birthday

We offer a multitude of sport, adventure, intellectual, cultural birthday games and challenges through a mini-Olympic games day. With more than 500 birthday games to choose from, enter the contest to beat the other teams and win the 1st position! Our mini-Olympic games can be arrange directly at your house if the space if large enough or at one of our indoor or outdoor venue near your location. You can count on our birthday animation team to set the mood and make this day unforgettable.

Mini Olympics for kids

Boys love car, unfortunately they are too young to drive real cars. However, they still can practice on remote control (RC) cars until they are in age to get their driving license. We are offering RC car racing contest in Bangkok for kids birthdays. With top quality RC cars and equipment, we provide the venue and the organization of the race, in a fun and competitive environment. This RC racing activity can also be done with RC boats, on demand.

RC Car Contest

Kids love sport and usually have a favorite sport to practice. Why not organizing a sport contest, with the sport of his/her choice to challenge all the little friends and show them your kid’s passion? Ping-pong, badminton, basketball, football, hockey or any sport contest can be arranged on the demand in one of our partner’s sport venue in Bangkok.

kid birthday bubble football

We offer to organize your Treasure hunt for kid birthday either at your own home if the space is auspicious or at another location of your choice. Additionally, we implemented the perfect Treasure hunt kid birthday party, called ‘’Amazing race – Kid trail’’ where the little peas will have to gather some clues to move to specific local areas in Bangkok where fun, sport, cultural and intellectual activities will be provided during this Treasure hunt kid birthday party. Definitely, one of our best Children birthday party games you would like to experience with your kids.

Share your Treasure hunt birthday ideas so we can make them come to life!

birthday treasure hunt Bangkok

One option from our Kid birthday party games would be our video game contest. We can either provide the video games equipment such as Nintendo switch or PlayStation 5 directly to you place, simply as rental or with full animation services and decorations based on your video games theme. We also have our own video game room in our ‘’Bangkok Secret Garden’’ birthday venue in Bangkok center. If your kid is asking for a video Game for a birthday party, contact us to make it extraordinary and memorable.

kid birthday party Bangkok video games contest

Looking for a modern and innovative way to spend a fun day and impress your guests?

Virtual reality birthday party is a new way to spend a fun day with friends while discovering a whole new VR world. You are wondering where can I find Virtual reality birthday party near me? No question anymore, call us with your Virtual reality birthday party ideas so we can advise the best choices accordingly.

We offer our own virtual reality headsets and equipment, with the highest resolution in the industry, without any computer or bulky cable required. The setup last about 1 minute, and we also offer our friendly animation team to organize your VR birthday party, based on your virtual reality birthday party ideas.

virtual reality kid birthday party Bangkok

As you understand we got tons of birthday party games ideas to offer, and a large range of games for birthday party to organize. Whether you are looking for mini-Olympic with a multitude of Kids birthday party games, treasure hunt kid birthday games, sport tournament, or you want to jump into the future with our virtual reality birthday party games for kids, we got you cover. Contact us now to discuss your requirements in term of Birthday games for kids!

fun kid birthday party

Contact us now to bring your birthday ideas to life!

Your children's birthday party is important to us. With our Thai & international team of event planner and animators, we got tons of original ideas to share with you to make your kids' birthday party memorable for their whole life. Whether you are looking for artistic , sport, adventure or creative activities, we got you cover for your special day. Moreover, we provide decorations, venues, inflatables, costumes, shows and much more for your kids' birthday party in Bangkok. Or get into the future with our innovative virtual reality based birthday parties!

You are looking for original and unique ideas for your children birthday party? We got a tons of them and will be glad to share them with you based on your requirements. Start planning your awesome birthday party in Bangkok. Your child birthday party matters to us!