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kid birthday party venues

The first thing to think of, when starting to plan your kid birthday party, is the Venue for kid birthday party. You can find several birthday venues for kids in Bangkok, but are they what you are searching for? Most of the venues are the classic playgrounds, to which you can bring your kids there any week-end.

If you are looking for original Birthday party venues, you knocked the right door. We developed a network of the best places for kid birthday party in Bangkok, that we will be happy to discuss with you with you. The best kid birthday party locations are most of the time not the most famous ones! With our large range of Kid birthday party venues, we can suggest the best place for kid birthday.

We can also organize your kid birthday party at your own house if the dimension is big enough to implement our services. One of the best Kid birthday party venues is definitely our ‘’Bangkok Secret Garden’’ designed particularly for kids birthday parties.

Are you still wondering ‘’Where is the best Kid birthday party venues near me’’? We would say Kid birthday party at home would be the closest one, and we would be glad to discuss the different options for Venues for birthday parties in Bangkok at your convenience.

Birthday party venue Bangkok

Bangkok secret garden is a cute little garden, with green atmosphere, that can accommodate up to 30 children, located in Bangkok center just behind K Village. If you are looking for a ‘’ kid birthday party places near me’’ and you are living in Bangkok center, this might be your first choice.

Equipped with many games (Petanque, foosball, Jaccuzzi, board games, video games, Virtual reality game room, and much more!) and with many kid birthday services offered on site (Kid food, kid drinks, activities animations, virtual reality, games organization, and much more), our ‘’Bangkok secret garden is one of the most fun places for a children birthday party in Bangkok.

For dogs lover, we also provide dog training sessions with our 2 well trained cute Jack Russels. If you do not like dogs, there will stay in ‘’their house’’.

Play foosball table in Bangkok

Planning to celebrate your birthday is style? We partnered up with the best boats in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Phuket and Koh Samui that can be privatized for a private party such as your birthday party. Equipped with many games and activities (Fishing, banana boat, Jet Ski, Snorkeling, etc), enjoy the beautiful sunset at sea or behind the amazing temple along the Chaopraya river in Bangkok with this kid birthday party venues..

We offer a large panel of boat styles such as yacht, barge, catamaran, sailing boats, party boat, super yacht, pirate ships and much more, with our maximum capacity boat reaching 300 pax. Our boats might be one of the best venues for birthday party, if you are looking for an extraordinary and memorable celebration!

birthday party on a boat

Are you planning your kids birthday party during the raining season? Afraid of the rain on your special day? Opt for our indoor Kids birthday party venues in Bangkok. We usually organize customized kid birthday activities in hotel conference rooms, with the proper decorations or in a sport center or gymnasium for bigger groups. All our indoor Kid birthday party places are equipped with air-condition, toilets, facilities and anything can be arranged there on demand (except games involving water).

best indoor venue for kids birthday party

If you are looking for a chill Birthday party venue for kids in Bangkok, our lake park option might be the ones for you, especially if the parents need a relaxing place to chill aside the kids. We got partnerships with the best park lake venues in Bangkok, offering activities such as wake boarding, water skiing, standing paddle, knee boarding, banana boat, trampoline, along with all the tailor-made games and activities we can arrange them. Located between 30 and 50 minutes from Bangkok center, this might not be part of the ‘’kid birthday party venues near me’’ but is worth studying the option to have your awesome party there.

lake venue kids birthday party

Kids love shooting games, this is not a secret. We do not encourage children to play shooting games but if the kids love it and the parent are going along, we can offer some shooting venues for your kids birthday party in Bangkok. Paintball is an option; however, it is very hot to play in the heavy outfit and kids can feel a bit hurt with the paint balls.

A better option would be pour laser game venues, equipped with air-conditioning and where laser doesn’t hurt as the paint balls do.  We got very special rates and favors from our partners, if you are planning to do laser game birthday in Bangkok and want to have the best rates with the best organization, contact us directly, you will see the difference as if you contact them directly!

Another option for shooting games would be our virtual reality population 1 contest, on our VR headsets in our own private VR game room, one of the best kid birthday party venues in Bangkok..

Shooting game Bangkok kids birthday party

Want to get close to the nature for your kid birthday party? Looking for a ‘’green kid birthday party places near me’’? Parks are great Venues for birthday parties as they offer a large space to conduct our games and activities, they provide shelter options in case of rain, and you can get all the facilities you might need to spend an awesome day.

Moreover, most of them are located in Bangkok, ideal for the ones requesting a ‘’ Kid birthday party near me’’. With beautiful trees and flowers, next to a typical lake, enjoy a pick nick for a break from our engaging birthday games and activities.

parks for kids birthday party

Are you looking for the Birthday parties venues that would be ideal for the kids and the parents? Opt for our private pool villas, in Bangkok or outside Bangkok to spend a fun and relax time with the kids. Parents can chill at the pool during our team are taking care of the kids with our fun and engaging games and birthday activities.

Private pool villa for birthday party

Another way to reconciliate with nature is to opt for our zip line activity, outside of Bangkok, in the forest. Safety is our priority here, so do not worry, your kids are in safe hands with our team.

zipline birthday party Bangkok

Are you looking for a ‘’ Kid birthday party near me’’? Having your kid birthday party at your own house is the classical way to go, but what activities can be done at your house? Depending on the space available, we will be glad to discuss your requirements with you to suggest the best activities to have at your house. You house can be one of the best kid birthday party places if the right activities are arranged there.

birthday party at your home

Are you still looking for ‘’ Kid birthday party venues near me’’? Going through our kids birthday venues options above, you now know the best Children birthday party venues in Bangkok, based on your requirements. We offer only birthday party venues kids love and want to come back again! Contact us to discuss the Kids birthday party venues options to make sure you make the most of this special day!

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