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kids birthday party catering services

Your kid special party should come with special food and drinks. That is why we are offering catering service for kids birthday parties in Bangkok with kid friendly appetizers, finger food for kid birthday party, kid birthday cakes, drinks, desserts, food carts and a ton of Kid birthday party food ideas, throughout our excellent kids birthday party catering services.

Catering for kid’s birthday party is not really an easy task for parents. They often require catering service for providing foods to their beloved guest and kids. People come in a big number for events and birthday party so you must be wondering where can I find the best catering service in Bangkok. Yes you have come to the right place. At BKK kids birthday we provide you the best service in town. We organize numerous birthday parties for kids and events and provide delicious lip smacking food to our customers.

Pancake cart for kids birthday party Bangkok

Are looking for Kid food ideas for birthday party? We got load of Food ideas for birthday party that we will be glad to share with you. We offer original and customized food for birthday party.

Food for kids birthday party is always expected and necessary one. Guest always prefer good food for the event or birthday party. So what kind of food do I offer for kids birthday party, what will people like ? there are different questions when it comes to big events and kids birthday party. Worry not ! We are here to help you with all you need for the event in term of kids birthday party catering services. Bangkok kids birthday has been organizing events and birthday in Bangkok for over 20 years.

When it comes to food we know what its like and what people in Bangkok prefer to have. We offer all the multi cuisine food for kids birthday party since there will be people from different country we make sure there will be variety of food for the guest liking for kids birthday party catering services.

Food catering for kid

You are looking for new Drink idea for birthday party? We got you covered with our drinks for children party, whether you are more into the popular kid drinks or would like us to arrange tailor made nonalcoholic drinks for kids, we will make it happen for the awe of your guests.

Drinks for kids’ birthday party, who doesn’t love it? It’s the perfect time to be more creative with drinks and customize. Some of the best drink that kids love to drink during hot summer and especially for birthday are lemon, strawberry, chocolate, orange and much more. BKK kids birthday provide the best drink and mixes for kid’s birthday party in Bangkok. Enjoy the refreshing and delicious drink we prepare.

We have the best drinks maker with us and special drink recipe from France as well.  A kid’s birthday party is always tiring and energy consuming day for them. Running around, playing tags and even more exciting game that they play makes them tired. So a special drink is refreshing for them and makes them even more energetic for the day to enjoy with their dearest ones for kids birthday party catering services.

drinks kid birthday party

We also offer customized birthday desserts, based on your party theme and ideas, as part of our kids birthday party catering services.

What can be the best dessert for kids’ birthday party? Kids are love with desserts and cakes when It comes to birthday party. They crave for yummy chocolaty, strawberry dessert filled with nuts, raisins, almond.  Dessert for kids birthday part is one of the main attractions and eatery that they can’t resist. Chocolate meringue pie is an immense hit with the children. Delicate pie outside is loaded up with lavishly rich chocolate filling and feathery and breezy meringue. A genuinely top-notch mix. Chocolate custard filling is simply heavenly. It is sweet and sensitive.

The zucchini banana chocolate chip biscuits are so scrumptious your children will be completely messed with how solid they are. Made with delicious zucchini, ready bananas, Greek yogurt, fruit purée and entire wheat cake flour they are just 159 calories a biscuit. You can watch your children eat up them without dreading the sugar-surge fallout.

The frozen nutty bananas are an ideal sweet treat and a great method to utilize those bananas that are going to become over age. Awesome option for a frozen yogurt when you kids needing something reviving for your kids birthday party catering services.

jelly for the party Bangkok

You cannot possibly think of your kid birthday party without a birthday cake! That is why we offer a large range of customized cake for birthday. Provide us the theme or the design so we can make it happen!

Want to know where you can get the best kids birthday cake in Bangkok? You must have always wonder what you want to do with your kids’ birthday right? Maybe a wonderful decoration with favorite theme your kids love and admire.  How can you arrange a birthday party be without a wonderful birthday cake. It is always incomplete with a birthday cake.  A lot of kids and children celebrate their birthday, for them to feel special and have a complete day we offer the kids birthday cake in Bangkok.

Kids love cakes which come in different size, shape design and theme as well. We provide the customized kids birthday cake in Bangkok which will definitely attract and interest the kids. Mickey mouse, Minions, The frozen princess, Tom jerry or the marvel super the spider man, superman or batman name it we will design the cakes as per as the kids desire for Catering for kids birthday party.

customized cake for kid bday party

Add a fun animation to your kid birthday party by going for a Food cart for birthday party. Popcorn cart, pizza cart, pasta cart, pancake cart, crepe cart, milkshake cart, lemonade cart, jelly cart, ice-cream cart, BBQ cart or even cotton candy cart, we got them all, ready to serve you and your guests!

As part of our kids birthday party catering services, food cart is one of the faster and easiest possible way to make the food for your guests. At Bangkok kids birthday we offer different food carts which makes your kids birthday party a wonderful and exciting event. You don’t have to worry about anything, we are there to provide the best service for for kids birthday party catering services.

ice cream cart kid birthday party

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