Treasure hunt (4-6 kids)


It is a cultural treasure hunt where the kids will have a lot of fun and exciting challenges (intellectual, sport, creative, etc).
VDO review : littps://yoututbeimOZgobaivfk
main activities include:-
• Gunny sack race
• Tug of War
• Quiz
• Sumo wrestling
• Bowling
• relay race
• Wrap pen
• Ambassador
• British Bulldog
• Egg race and much more

All the trail are about playing games, bowling, ambassador, tag game, roll pin eggs trail, and Olympiad’s.
Our team will be here to ensure the extra length
4-6 Kids : 2,000 baht/participant
7-10 Kids : 1,800 baht/participant
10+ Kids : 1,500 baht/participant




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