Dunk Tank

Dunk Tank

Dunk tanks are a stunning new fascination for kids’ birthday parties! In case you’re searching for a fantastic game that will truly be memorable at your next party, for a reasonable price, at that point dunk tank rental from us is the best option! Ours is turning out to be quite possibly the most famous, coolest attractions of our whole inventory so don’t pass up a major opportunity! Make your dunk tank booking today at our offices, which is open 24 hours. Simply call us and your dunk tank will be delivered to you!

dunk tank

Why rent a Dunk Tank ?

The point of the game is for your picked competitor, typically, the chief, head instructor or anybody there to sit on the springboard drop set over the dunk tank into the pool. Members at that point take turns to get in. Throwing balls at the bullseye or target will drop the kid into the tank. At the point when the object is struck in the bullseye, the mechanical seat will be set off into it making the competitor drop into the water quickly!

dunk tank for kids birthday party Bangkok

Events suitable for dunk tank

The are many Events suitable for dunk tank rental. It is the ideal decision for many types of events such as team building occasions, swimming gala, initiation parties, kids birthday parties, shows, corporate giveaways, summer balls, pool parties, and makes an ideal birthday celebration. The dunk tank additionally functions admirably on paid occasions where you charge per head and regularly produces a quantifiable profit as it can be used by both the children and grown-ups. It ends up being an astounding game and is being used at a few significant mainstream occasions as of late.

How safe is a dunk tank?

How safe is a dunk tank? The dunk tank gear comes completely set up with all the necessary safe hardware for the rental time frame, guaranteeing we know everything is being utilized effectively and securely. We are incredibly concerned about safety and security and aim high in increasing the business expectation bar. All things are generally left completely raised in a place of your decision (except if determined) so reserving our administrations couldn’t be simpler!

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Best Dunk Tanks for hire in Bangkok

We provide the best dunk tanks for hire in Bangkok. Ours have put smiles on groups of adults and kids for quite a long time! Envision Dunking the chief or a VIP at a pledge drive, neighborhood party or dunking the birthday kid. Our enlist is the awesome simplest available. Extreme fun and laughter that would make any incredible kids party or function the talk of the city! 


This dunk tank comes totally equipped with a window under the water so you can see who has been dunked and tossing balls on the target or bullseye to dunk the guest. 


A colossal 1000 Liter tank makes certain to make your next occasion one to recollect! Make it a flat-out impact by joining your dunk tank with our different items including inflatable balloons, party jumping castles, backdrops, bean bags and our astounding bouncy house for youngsters and the sky’s the limit from there!

Hire your dunk tank now!

Here at Bangkok kids’ birthday party, we are continually considering better approaches to engage individuals and kids. So why not add a bonus to your gathering, occasion or field day by employing our strong mounted, dunk tanks. 


Top the tank off with freezing ice-cold water and you could get somebody such as your spouse/wife, the birthday kid to sit on the seat and everybody can attempt to dunk them into the compartment loaded with water. All you require is a decent tossing arm and an insidious brain. You likewise have the special reward that it has an unmistakable window at the front so you can see the uneasiness on the people’s face as they are lowered in the water. So, hire yours now!

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