Badminton Contest

Badminton Contest

To begin with, our badminton contest for kids birthdays is a sports activity that children really enjoy. First of all, your child will spend his energy in sport but in addition he will have a great day with these friends! And know that you can sit on our bleachers to watch the games while you rest. It could give your child some great memories for his birthday!

badminton contest

What is badminton?

Firstly, our badminton contest for kids birthdays will allow children to play sports. But they will also be able to discover the fact of helping each other with his partner to win. Because the matches are often done with 2 teams of 2 people. Then, our team will adapt the strengths of each one so that the games are balanced. 

The goal of the badminton contest for kids birthdays is to throw the shuttlecock over the net without dropping it. If the shuttle falls or is out of bounds, then the point goes to the opponent. The matches often take place in 7 points but we can adapt the game up to 13 points. But often these are games that are too long and for everyone to play, the 7 point games are preferable. Then we have a lot of ground for our badminton contest for kids birthdays. So, all the children will play ! 

badminton contest for kids birthday party Bangkok

Badminton contest for kids birthdays

Second, our badminton contest for kids birthdays will allow children to have a fun day while learning. That is to say, this sport will teach your child to help each other with his partner to win. So he will have to learn to communicate and find each other’s strengths in order to be as efficient as possible. Then our team is at your disposal all day to help you if needed. But also, to be a referee during matches and to do animation. 

So if you have a specific topic to submit to us, we will respect it! Like for example, for a birthday where we are going to decorate the room and put on some music. So your child will be able to feel comfortable and fully enjoy their birthday day! Then, our badminton contest for kids birthdays will also allow your child to compete and want to win. So he can give his best to bring you back the cup.

badminton contest for kids Bangkok

Badminton tournament venues

Third, our badminton contest for kids birthdays gives you the choice! Thus, you can choose between our different menus to select the badminton activity that your child wants. Like for example, a menu that offers poles of different levels and the goal is to win to get to pole 1. But if you lose your game then you go down to the lower pole. Then, our badminton contest for kids birthdays will allow you to attend a real competition!

 Thus, the children who will reach the podium having won a certain number of games will be able to receive a prize. Thus, we provide medals and a cup to the winners! Then, our team will do all the organization and animation of your child’s birthday. So, this will allow you to take care of nothing and be able to relax while enjoying the day. Then, our badminton contest for kids birthdays will allow you to give your child the best birthday possible. Since he will be surrounded by all these friends but also by doing a sports and educational activity!

So what are you waiting for? Our badminton contest for kids birthdays will be happy to organize the best birthday for your child! If you would like more information, please contact us by phone or on our website.

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