Shooting games venues for birthday parties is to build teamwork and fellowship with an exciting sport that provides safe and active fun for all ages! Perfect for parties, family events, corporate retreats, outdoor activity venues – anywhere with some open space and a group of people. In its basic form, shooting games or laser tag is a competitive shooting game similar in principle to a video game, but far more interactive. 

The players try to hit members of the opposing team by shooting at the other players. Shooting games venues for birthday parties game rules can be simple (free-for-all) or highly complicated (structured teams with specific roles and various special rules). 

Paintball for kids

Paintball for birthday parties

Most kids don’t want to sit around eating cake and ice cream, they want to have FUN! That’s why shooting games venues for birthday parties gives your child a few hours of entertainment at our paintball venue that will make your child’s birthday one of the most memorable parties of their life. And their friends will be talking about it for weeks. In fact, next year, their friends will be looking at our shooting games venues for birthday parties to see if they can get you invited to their party. 

laser games for Kids Birthday Party BKK

Laser game for birthday parties

The laser tag birthday party is one of the best shooting games venues for birthday parties in Bangkok that you can organize. After a short briefing all children get their own tactical vest, laser gun and wireless headband. Shooting games venues for birthday parties have all laser guns with headbands that are wireless. In shooting games venues for birthday parties Laser Tag game is suitable for children from 8 years old and for at least 2 children. It is possible that you play along with another group, if you would rather play only with your group.

VR Shooting

VR shooting games for birthday parties

At shooting games venues for birthday parties, If you want, you can find solo VR adventures or a co-op, that will allow individuals to immerse completely into a 3D experience. Depending on what type of people will be at your party, you can choose from many different VR experiences and find the best story. At shooting games venues for birthday parties VR is perfect for group activities where a lot of people are involved, and this is why cooperative missions are a very popular choice. Shooting monsters together with your friends can be a lot of fun and a good form of entertainment on your birthday. 

Best Shooting games venue for birthday parties

At shooting games venues for birthday parties you can walk a plank and walk 80 stories high as your friends watch or the game will transport you to an under sea sunken ship, where you will be swimming with a great blue whale and various other fishes that will give you an adrenaline rush and also for brave and bold you can go on a Mount Everest expedition with a higher heights. 


Virtual reality is the best fun activity that can give you an experience that you will never forget and other various shooting or adventure activities for everyone to amuse themselves with. Everyone prefers a theme and a party full of fun ideas and combining different activities during a birthday, where everyone can entertain themselves however they wish. During the birthday party we will have delicious food and music to keep the party going and we can throw in a winning prize competition game to keep everyone excited.

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