Other Carnival Games

Other carnival games

For starters, our other carnival games will allow your child to enjoy his birthday day surrounded by these friends! First of all, because he will be able to participate in sports activities, educational activities and artistic activities. But also because our team will be present all day for the entertainment and the safety of the children. Thus, we offer you the opportunity to make your child smile and keep great memories of that birthday.

other carnival games

Our carnival games

Firstly, our other carnival games already allow you to participate in a multitude of sporting activities such as badminton, football, table tennis, petanque… There are also educational activities such as questions of general culture, quizzes… And then, there are artistic activities such as for example making art with sand, henna tattoos, creating hats… A lot of children have already tried this activity and love it! It’s for all ages! 

Thus, our other carnival games offer you the possibility to choose between all these activities the one that your child would like the most. Know that we adapt to your budget to create the best birthday for your child. Then, our other carnival games offer you the possibility to organize the games you want and even if this activity is not in our list. So, we adjust our activity for our child to make him happy!

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Customized carnival games

Secondly, our other carnival games adapt to you and your expectations. First of all, if your child wants to do a specific activity that we don’t offer, it’s possible! So, you just have to explain to us how the game works and how to make it. Then our team will take care of all the organization so that you can rest while watching your child having fun with these friends. 

Our team for the other carnival games will do the animation such as being a referee for a sporting activity or even encouraging children for an educational activity. Know that our team has a lot of experience with children and love when they feel comfortable. So, we want the children to have fun and laugh for his wonderful birthday day! Then, our other carnival games may offer cups and medals for the kids who have won the most. So who will win the cup, we expect more than you!

Other Carnival games for kids' Bday party

Carnival games rentals

Thirdly, our other carnival games are the best service you could find in Bangkok for your child’s birthday. In addition to the organization and animation, we offer you the possibility of having speakers to put music. And if you have a specific theme, we will respect it down to the smallest detail! Then we can even organize the activities at your place to save you from having to travel. But be aware that we need places for some activities! 

In addition, our team for the other carnival games remains at your disposal all day in case of problem. Know that our team is trained to ensure the safety of children and to prevent them from hurting themselves. Then we take care of cleaning up after the anniversary is over. So, like that you will just enjoy your day and think about nothing!

Well don’t hesitate any longer and join us so that your child will have the best birthday day with all these friends. Thus, our other carnival games are made to offer you the best service that exists but also to create magical memories for your child. So if you want more information, contact us by phone or on our website. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and have a great day together!!!

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