Outdoor Venues

Outdoor Venues

Want to do an activity with your kids, or for their birthdays, but don’t really know what? We, Team Building Bangkok with our years of experience in organizing children’s events can help!

Generally, we advise parents to favor outdoor activities in outdoor venues for their children’s birthdays, regardless of the number of inviting outdoor activities are much better especially in a city like Bangkok where the afternoon weather is often pleasant: first of all because they allow children to take advantage of all the space they need and to spend their energies, but also because it allows them to breathe fresh air and enjoy the sun.

outdoor venues

Take some fresh air for your kids birthday party

As we said before, we consider it best for your children’s birthdays to have a birthday party outside and let them run around and experience a little bit of nature and everything around them.

Birthday party parks

Birthdays at the parks are by far the simplest but the best birthdays we can throw for your children. First of all, it is the best way to reconcile your children and nature but also to make them discover new places. Indeed, with the help of our treasure hunts, for example, your children will be able to go running and discover all the hidden corners of the park in which they are celebrating their birthdays. We also have other activities such as playing pirates, mini Olympics games, scavenger hunting.

We also give a lot of importance to the parks that have been chosen, we want them to correspond exactly to what your child likes: this is the reason why we will carefully select several parks for you and let you choose the one that suits you. will seem to match your child’s personalities the most.

outdoor venues for kids birthday party Bangkok

Birthday party at the lake

Bangkok’s lakes have been children’s favorite places for outdoor venues to celebrate their birthdays for 35 years.

They are the birthdays that mark the spirits of your friends, children and family because they are the ones that when well organized are the most fun.

How will your afternoon at the lake be? First of all, when you arrive at the lake, Team Building Bangkok will have planned diving outfits in which you can swim but also dance and have fun. We also offer other activities such as boating, skiing, floating, paddling: which will make your memory and the memory of your child’s birthday unforgettable.

We can also, if you wish, book any type of wakeboarding activity you can do on the lake, such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, catamarans, stand up paddle boarding and many more. Bangkok’s lakes have been children’s favorite places to celebrate their birthdays for 35 years. Obviously we take care of the buffet and provide pizzas and drinks for all the birthday guests, moreover if the party has a theme we will make sure to have a decoration in accordance with your theme so to make your children’s birthday most memorable.


Birthday party in the nature

If your child enjoys climbing everywhere, exploring places, and likes to play adventurer then this is the outdoor venue for your child’s birthday party. In the forest between the trees on which they will climb and the huts your little adventurer will find happiness

Outdoor venues for kids

Best outdoor venues for kid birthday parties

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