Here, our extensive selection of catalogs brings your dream event to life. From vibrant kids’ birthday parties with treasure hunts and magicians to exhilarating inflatables featuring beloved characters from Angry Birds, Disney, and Marvel, our catalogs are curated to inspire and facilitate the perfect celebration. Dive into our offerings that include carnival games, custom catering, mini Olympic games, and distinctive venues, each designed to cater to diverse preferences and event themes.

Kids Birthday PARTY

Celebrate the magic of childhood with our Kids Birthday catalog, designed to make every child’s birthday a spectacular event. Our offerings include enchanting treasure hunts that spark imagination, vibrant face paintings to transform little guests, and captivating magicians who bring laughter and wonder. With decorations that set the scene and a myriad of other options, we ensure that your child’s birthday is as unique and special as they are.

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Inflatable Fun for All Ages

Our Inflatable catalog is a hit among guests of all ages, featuring a vast array of themes from the adventurous Angry Birds to the magical worlds of Disney and the heroic realms of Marvel. These inflatables are not just attractions; they are the life of the party, ensuring endless fun and engagement for everyone.

Carnival Games Extravaganza

Step into a world of fun and excitement with our Carnival Games catalog. Offering everything from strategic golf challenges and skill-based shooting guns to thrilling surfboard simulators and the wild rodeo bull, our games are designed to bring out the competitive spirit in a friendly and enjoyable environment. These games are perfect for adding a dash of challenge and excitement to any event.

Catering Options Galore

Our Catering catalog presents an array of exquisite culinary options. From custom-designed cakes that are works of art to gourmet desserts that delight the palate, refreshing drinks, and savory foods that cater to every taste, our catering services ensure your guests enjoy a feast that complements the joyous occasion.

At Bangkok Kids Birthday, we believe in making every birthday celebration extraordinary. Our entertainment shows are specifically tailored to mesmerize, entertain, and engage, ensuring every child feels the magic of their special day.

catering at Bangkok Secret Garden

Mini Olympic Games

Foster teamwork and camaraderie with our Mini Olympic Games catalog, featuring a selection of indoor and outdoor activities. These games are designed to challenge participants while promoting fun and engagement, making your event memorable and dynamic.

Unique Venues for Memorable Events

Find the perfect setting for your event with our Venues catalog. Whether you’re enchanted by the tranquility of the Secret Garden, intrigued by the novelty of Birthday Boats, or in need of a versatile Indoor Venue, we offer locations that elevate your event from ordinary to extraordinary.

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