Cultural Treasure Hunt

cultural treasure hunt

Kids and parents love treasure hunts. We can arrange our cultural treasure hunt for kids only or for kids and parents to team up together, during your kid birthday party. Our ‘’Amazing adventure – kid trail’’ offer a mix of cultural, sport, intellectual, team cohesion and puzzle challenges to keep the kids active and engaging the whole time.

Learn about Thai culture through a fun treasure hunt in Bangkok

Our cultural treasure hunt for kid is ideal for foreigner kid or mixed group with Thai and foreigner kids. The participants will learn about Thai culture by doing some activities and challenge in link with the Thai culture under the supervision of Thai locals, each expert in his own discipline. Kids will learn the secret of Thai cooking, Thai dancing, Thai boxing, Thai craft, Thai massage and much more, through short fun workshop throughout the race. Foreigner kids living here love to learn about Thai culture and Thai children love to share their culture with others, especially through our fun cultural treasure hunt.

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cultural treasure hunt for kids birthday party

During this cultural treasure hunt for kids birthday, the participant will be split in teams that will face each other on the challenges offered during the race. Each team will have to manage a budget, a timing, make some choices on the spot and communicate together to find the clues and win the challenges. This is ludic way to give greater responsibilities to your little ones and teach them how to work as team to reach their goals.

Needless to say, that a particular accent is paid to the security and safety of our participants. They will have to take different way of transport during the race, such as Tuk-tuk, boat, bicycles, etc. We provide life jackets for boat trips and helmets for bicycle trips, we are also always equipped with our first aid kits in case of small incidents.

Beside the compulsory challenges at each local spot of the trail, we also encourage the participants to do our fun ‘’bonus challenges’’ at any point of time or location in the race, and also answer our birthday quiz for additional points.

The team who saved the most budget, arrived first, and most importantly win the challenges will get the most points and win the race. We then arrange the award ceremony, with the trophies for the winning team and medals for every participant!

birthday treasure hunt Bangkok

Best treasure hunt for kids birthday party

‘’Amazing adventure Bangkok – Kids trail’’ is the only treasure hunt in Bangkok designed for children and especially for their birthday party celebrations. We developed this amazing treasure hunt since 2013 and have been improving it every month since, to make it the ultimate treasure hunt in Bangkok for kids birthday parties.

Have your kids get involved as team player, take greater responsibilities, learn about Thai culture through fun challenges, interact with their local environment, learn how to manage a budget, and above all, spend a fun memorable day for their birthday party. With our team of Thai and international friendly animators or ‘’game masters’’, you can be sure of the fun will be there and the treasure hunt will be a success!

‘’Amazing Adventure – Kids trail’’ have been a success since its launch in Bangkok and we continuously improve our logistics and challenges based on your kind feedbacks. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed, with this extraordinary birthday activity, if you are looking for a half day fun and engaging activity, you can safely go with our cultural treasure hunt for kids in Bangkok.

kid treasure hunts Bangkok

We are also offering this amazing race for school outings and parents are welcome to join the fun during their kids birthday party.

cultural treasure hunt for kids

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