Looking for the best tent rental for events in Bangkok? Look no further. We offer tent design, customizing, selling, leasing and modifying any tents for your occasion. We offer small size that are in the width range of 8 meters to 18 meters with a side length of about 3 meters. Our small size can be expanded or diminished by 5m. The upright support and roof beam are made with 4 channels pipes made of hard aluminum alloys and the PVC covers utilize twofold PVC-covered polyester material which is fire resistant up to the European standard DIN 4102B1, M2. 

We offer tent material that is covered and also material that is clear and see through. Ours are available to be rented and come in many shapes such as A shape, high pinnacle shape, etc. Here we provide the best rental service for events in Bangkok and we look forward to working with you

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Rent our tents in Bangkok

You may wonder why rent our tents in Bangkok? We are the number one company for tent rental for events in Bangkok. Ours are generally utilized for huge outside occasions, for example, for festivities, evening gatherings, open air parties, banquet halls, VIP lounges, news focuses, feasting zones, meeting rooms, opening services, brand exposures, lager celebrations, design shows, garden parties, social exercises and games and so on. So please visit our website for the best rental service for events in Bangkok. 

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Tent for outdoor events in Bangkok

We also provide the best quality tents for outdoor events in Bangkok. Our rental service for events in Bangkok can apply to a wide range of events, regardless of whether it’s for a present long period of time or a short period of time. Made of aluminum edge and PVC cover, these outdoor tents are protected against UV rays, wind-safe, and flame resistant. Also, its measured and adaptable plan, it’s anything but difficult to assemble or transport it. 

With our service for events in Bangkok we can easily assemble the outdoor tents on different terrains, including on grass or lawn, concrete, mud ground, and so on. With our assistance, the assembling of them will be a lot simpler. Numerous individuals like to hold events in them rather than indoors in a building since these days,it is more practical, environmentally friendly, and creative, yet at the same time, safe. Thus, its exceptional structure and option for different colors all cause to be a spectacle.


Why rent a tent instead of buying?

Renting can be viewed as somewhat more economically friendly, particularly in the event that you are simply requiring a tent to enlist for one outdoor event. We have numerous clients who like the capability of picking or renting it each year with the choice of picking different tents for each excursion! It’s an extraordinary method to take a stab at the outdoors before you Buy, in the event that you love it and choose to get one, we’ll deduct the cost of your day-by-day from the cost of your brand new tent. Therefore, come and visit us or contact us with an enquiry concerning our rental service for events in Bangkok.

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Best Tent rental for events in Bangkok

Searching for the best  rental service for events in Bangkok? Look no further. We offer tent plans, tweaking, selling, renting and changing any tent for your event. We offer the best little size for kid’s birthday parties. Ours are made of hard aluminum composites and the PVC covers use twofold PVC-shrouded polyester material which is fireproof up to the European standard. 

We offer tent material that is covered and furthermore material that is clear and transparent and also comes in different colors. Ours are accessible to be leased and come in numerous shapes, for example, A shape, high apex shape, and so forth Here we give the best rental service for events in Bangkok and we anticipate working with you.

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